Our Services

Ergosmart Consulting provides a specialist range of services to assist people achieve a timely and durable return to work with their employer following occupational injuries.

Ergosmart Consulting is an Approved Workplace Rehabilitation Provider with SIRA NSW, and Worksafe ACT for ‘same employer’ services.

Ergosmart Consulting provides workstation assessments, including home-based workstation assessments (either face to face or remotely via Zoom), office ergonomics training, and vehicle ergonomic assessments.

Ergosmart Consulting provides a variety of services aimed at prevention of occupational injuries. 

We can assist organisations to proactively manage any existing or early signs of musculoskeletal issues and offer preventative services to equip individuals with strategies to maximise their health & wellbeing at work.  Our services are customised and flexible to meet the needs of our customers.

Ergosmart Consulting provides a range of other services including CTP Rehabilitation, Life Insurance Services, management of non-work related conditions, ADL Assessments, Task Analysis and Pre-employment Functional Assessments (read more)