Ergosmart Consulting is a proud signatory to the AFOEM Australian and New Zealand Consensus Statement on the Health Benefits of Good Work.

Adapting to New Ways of Work

Times have changed, with many more people now working from home.  What was originally a temporary arrangement, for many people is now permanent. We can provide advice to get you set up safely and comfortably and assistance if you are already experiencing pain or injury.  We offer home based workstation assessments either in person or remotely via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. We can also offer interactive webinar style training for groups. See here for more information or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Covid-19 Safety:

We continue to provide all our usual services, taking additional precautions in relation to hand hygiene and social distancing. We have a comprehensive Covid-19 Policy and all our consultants have completed the Australian Government Department of Health on-line training module “COVID-19 Infection Control Training”.

Established in 2006, Ergosmart Consulting provides high quality ergonomic assessments, injury prevention and injury management services across an array of industries including:




Self Insurers

Community Care

Hospitality and Tourism


Corporate Sector

Child Care


Local Government

Automotive and Transport

Ergosmart Consulting is an Approved Workplace Rehabilitation Provider with SIRA NSW and Worksafe ACT.

All our consultants are mature, qualified and AHPRA registered Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists who have extensive experience in workplace rehabilitation and injury prevention. Several of our consultants also have post-graduate qualifications in Ergonomics and Occupational Health and Safety.

Why Use Ergosmart Consulting

We are a team of mature, experienced professionals. Our customers receive consistent high quality service delivery without the frustration of dealing with changing consultants. Our consultants have extensive prior clinical experience and some hold post-graduate qualifications in Ergonomics and Safety Science. 

Our consultants are highly experienced case managers who receive excellent feedback from all parties involved in the rehabilitation process. Particular areas of strength include:

  • Management of complex cases
  • Professional, thorough and timely assessment services
  • Regular communication and transparency in the return to work process for all stakeholders
  • Anticipation of barriers that may impede the return to work goals and innovative thinking in overcoming these
  • Recognition that no two cases are the same and tailoring of services to meet the individual needs of our clients
  • Having a workplace presence, providing our expertise to overcome issues and equip employees with effective self-management strategies
  • Working collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve the agreed return to work goals
  • Regular face-to-face case conferencing with nominated treating doctors/specialists
  • Taking a fair, objective and evidence-based approach

Our service areas

With office locations in Canberra and Sydney & experienced consultants based in regional NSW, Ergosmart Consulting is able to provide cost effective services to the following areas:

Canberra Region

Sydney Region

Central Coast & Hunter

Central West

Our office locations